Hello. I'm Kevin Steel. 👋
Hello. I'm Kevin Steel. 👋

Hello. I'm Kevin Steel. 👋

Accountant & entrepreneur based in Scotland

I'm the co-founder of Inaequo (which means level-up in Latin!) and this is my personal site where you can learn more about me and what I do.
You'll find links to my social media here and you can also sign up to my Substack Page to get notified every time I write a new blog.
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About This Site

I write about a number of different topics such as the systems and processes I use to manage my life, entrepreneurship & business and some random topics thrown in to keep it fresh
You can find view links to my latest blogs below along with a short professional summary. Head to the About page to learn more.
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What I Did After Selling My Last Company

What I did after selling my last company, how I allocated the cash, my next startup venture, being diagnosed with epilepsy and a lot more!
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CX - Customer Experience

CX refers to the experience given by the organisation to a customer throughout the different touchpoints in the customer life-cycle.
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Breakdown Of My Productivity System

Energy Management > Attention Management > Resource Management > Task Management > Time Management
A complete breakdown of my productivity methodology with a detailed explanation of the key areas.

What I Do

💻 Chartered Accountant

I'm a chartered certified accountant who is fully qualified with the ACCA and hold the CertDIF (Digital Innovation for Finance) and CertDA (Data Analytics) qualifications

🚀 Entrepreneur

I've started multiple companies (some failed and some were successfully sold). I'm passionate about business and entrepreneurship

✏ Writing

I post regular content on LinkedIn and you can find some of my longer-form blocks on my Substack blog

💸 Virtual Finance Director

I create beautiful monthly business performance reports and advise companies on KPI performance and business strategy

📊 Financial Modelling

I put together forecasts and projections for startups and existing businesses to validate ideas and plan ahead

🔎 FinOps Analyst

I analyse a company's financial operations software and introduce new apps & workflows to increase efficiency and automation

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Contact me

Need some advice on your business?
Want to contact me with any potential investment/ collaboration opportunities or podcast interviews?
Get in touch via ksteel1337@gmail.com for a chat ;)